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Every member of our team under the Pied Piper Group umbrella understands their key role. Likewise, everyone has their part to play and each of us make sure our efforts align together. Therefore, when you enlist the services of one member, you’re really receiving decades worth of experience. Take a look at why we pride ourselves on having the best team in the business. In short, no one else matches our scope or our drive. When you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Pied Piper Group - Our Team

Who We are

Leadership Team

Shane Parekh

President & CEO

Lawrence Ryla

Chief Operating Officer

Mabroor Parekh

Chief Data Officer

Daiana Bughe

Chief Marketing Officer

Craig Combs

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Lay

Director of Sales

Ayaz Patel

Chief Technology Officer

Altan Erdemir

VP of Hedge Fund

Eamonn Cummins

VP of Business Development

Eamon Kelly

Head of Real Estate Development

Jason Hobday

Head of Merchant Processing

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Our Branch Managers

Ahmad El-Hindi

Branch Manager

Humayun Parekh

Branch Manager

Desmond Lawe

Branch Manager

Stavro Shamon

Branch Manager

Melvin McGowan

Branch Manager

Brenda Stewart​

Branch Manager

Kyle Tucker

Branch Manager

Zafar Iqbal

Branch Manager

Zak Keller

Branch Manager

Shannen Kennelly

Branch Manager

Our Team Vision

Pied Piper Group extends its reach across many fields of mortgage, loan, insurance, title, and business development. No matter what kind of support, be it commercial or residential, we have the right professional for the job. Whatever your need, our team knows how to step in and start making sense of the situation. The PPG vision is to offer financial freedom to anyone regardless of the situation in which they may find themselves. To ensure we handle every concern, we specialized in everything. Therefore, you can always find the right person for the job in our Pied Piper Group family. It pays to know all the right people.

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