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We work directly with many regional and national carriers to find you the best coverage at an affordable price.


Far-Sighted Advice: We’ll assist you in making safe and affordable insurance decision, that will be a great advantage for you and your family! Our skilled professionals search for the best Insurance quotes for your buck all across the United States. We take pride in working for people instead of companies!

Unique Strategic Plans at Work: Our company can work with multiple successful carriers to develop Insurance quotes according to our clients’ specific needs! Our expert team will create a unique strategic plan for all your needs that will protect you and your family dreams!

Excellent Quality Ensured: Over numerous clients are satisfied with the services we provide. Our professional team has an immaculate reputation in the business world. You can be sure that your Insurance needs will always be taken care of with our help!


Your Insurance Agent For Life!

Who Are We

Our organization works for the people instead of the big corporations. Because we are independent and select the best solutions for our clients by partnering up with more than 80 leading national and regional carriers.

Our clients can rest assured that they are getting the best coverage and price in the industry. If they ever have any problems with their existing insurance carrier, then we can re-shop them and find the solution that best suits their needs, so, they never have to look for another agent again.


Our Mission

We take pride in calling ourselves you Agent for Life!
Our process is simple and straight forward. We work hard to ensure that our clients and their families covered and taken care of at all times. Every Insurance company has a different risk appetite. So, our team of experts will negotiate and find the right match for your profile so you can benefit the most out of it.

Our team has tons of experience and expertise to provide the top-quality service.


We love our job and we are constantly developing our skills to deliver better services to our clients. 


Outstanding Support

Our Professional Agents are always ready to provide the fast and reliable customer service experience to make you feel comfortable. Our agents are trained to help you with your all your needs on one phone call. Keeping your agent for life means you never lose your point of contact when you’re ready for a change.


Unparalleled Customizability

It can be hard for an insurance company to offer a comprehensive list of every policy you may need. Working with carriers across the country, we can tailor and construct the ideal package for you. Our network of over 80 providers ensures that you won’t have to settle for less than the perfect policy. 


Knowledgeable & Fluent

We maintain insights into how different carriers operate and work together. When pulling coverage from so many sources, you need the right guide to help navigate. Our agents ensure that you understand the extent of your policies and feel confident about your choices. You should never have to search far for the information we are ready to provide.


Satisfied Clients

As a brokerage, we want to be able to save you money. Most carriers entice you with an introductory rate and then hope you forget about them by policy renewal time. We instead help you navigate your available options, track rates before renewal, and seek out the tailored services that cater to you. Your success means the success of our future.


We cover a variety of insurance services from Personal Insurance to Commercial Insurance. Check out some of our services below.

Auto Insurance

Let us do the hard work so you can spend more time enjoying the open road.
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Motorcycle Insurance

Have the piece of mind that you are protected before hitting the road.
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Boat Insurance

Anything that spends the majority of its time in water is sure to need coverage.
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Homeowners Insurance

Pied Piper Insurance is dedicated to giving you the piece of mind that comes from knowing your investment is fully protected.
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Renters Insurance

Renters insurance covers your personal property along with injuries or damages you might cause to someone else.
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Condo Insurance

Your condo insurance policy and your condo association policy combined protect you and your assets.
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Still Have Some Questions Left?

Feel free to contact our support team to learn more about our services!


Because we’re independent, we can help sort through multiple options and select the best solutions. We partner with more than 80 national and regional carriers.



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Call Us Today ! (224) 203-2486



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Call Us Today ! (224) 203-2486