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“The real estate industry has been evolving and ever-expanding since the feudal age, but that doesn’t mean your mortgage or loan experience should feel like something out of the dark ages. Pied Piper Group’s highly skilled agents and technological integrations bring your real estate needs into the 21st century. Nothing is more empowering than independence and financial freedom. Through our educational efforts, that is precisely our goal.

We take you through every feasible option available to you and make sure you have picked the route that best aligns with your needs above all else. Don’t let a bank stick you with the first available offer. We are both invested in your success and devoted to better expanding our community. Pied Piper Group wins when you do, which is precisely why our emphasis is on leading you down the path of your dreams. Let us guide you in your choices as you take one of the greatest steps of your life. Discovering the possibilities is a brief application away.”


“The most valuable thing that Pied Piper Group offers is not just a loan, but transparency in your developing journey. If moving into a new home is listed as one of the 5 most stressful things you’ll do in your life, why would you hedge your bets with a bank that sends you blindly into a 30-year mortgage? We walk through all your available options to tailor the best fit solution. Take a breath of relief as Pied Piper Group takes the weight off your shoulders and helps you feel in control. Whether a First Time Home Buyer or simply ready to make a shift in lifestyle, we educate so that you feel fully informed of all available avenues to you. 
No residential property is too outside our wheelhouse, with a diverse set of loan options to accommodate any financial or personal needs. Don’t let the particulars interfere with the rest of your goals; you remain tied into the process for the big steps while we simplify the small stuff. Pied Piper Group doesn’t just lead you toward your goals, we help you plot the course toward your envisioned dream. With competitive rates and premier customer satisfaction, we’ll have you excited by the time of your closing rather than stressed.”


Commercial real estate development has too many moving parts involved to financially warrant risking roadblocks in your process. Pied Piper Group provides fast financing from any of 750 national lenders to get your business off the ground quickly. There are no development projects that fall outside our scope: financing anywhere from upwards of $25,000 available on any of your restaurant, warehouse, retail, or raw land needs. Our ever-expanding network offers opportunities to discover off-market property listings and even ways to connect you with professionals to make your business venture more structured.

At Pied Piper, we kindly lay out the roadmap to navigating the ever-roaring loan industry. Whether you need hard funds in hand or maybe want help handling your assets, we believe in filling that role for whatever your developing concerns may bring. Your personal success is our goal for the community, so that is why we dedicate the time to keeping you at the helm of all important direction. Our responsive turn-around acquiring your real estate funding shows precisely why Pied Piper Group prides itself in performing at the top of our industry in both customer support and accommodable commercial services.”

Our Promise

We Offer Faster, Superior Closing Services

As part of our real estate services, Pied Piper Group also offers Title Services to serve buyers, sellers, and lenders. We move mountains to verify that real estate titles are legitimate and move proactively to avoid future issues. In addition, we also make sure sellers have the full right to sell a property to a buyer. We work quickly and efficiently to protect you and your property. 


A Family agency

At Pied Piper Group, we strive to help our clients far beyond the transaction. Beyond helping our clients save money, we also offer them opportunities to generate more and reach their financial freedom!

The future of real estate

Industries across the country are buying up available space for planned expansion. Whether flipping a property or finding the right location for you, our technological integrations speed up your turn around process so you’re not waiting in the dust on a lost deal. The future of real estate is dictated by pace, and no one leads the charge towards quicker closings quite like us.

loyalty as a core value

We make it our mission to educate, inspire, and most importantly, enable our clients to start building a future. It is because of this we strive to ensure all clients that reach out to us receive the proper guidance and assistance for all of their Financial and Real Estate needs.  


We Believe In Hard Working Professionalism

Pied Piper Group put a tremendous amount of time, effort, and capital into building a strong professional organization. From our staff to our uniquely designed process and technology, we want our clients experience to be an exceptional one.


A Creative and Innovative Agency

Our cutting edge technology in combination with the magnitude of services provided allows us to lead from the front. While the rest of the industry plays catch-up with the technological twenty-first century, we'll already be closing your next deal for you.


Connecting With The Client is Our Starting Point

Pied Piper Group's quick and easy onboarding process allows us to fully understand the needs of our clients and assist them far beyond their expectations. Moreover, connecting has never been easier since the launch of our mobile app on all major platforms.


Trust Us - You're in Good Hands

We care about our communities and those that we serve. Everyone deserves an opportunity to thrive. Our goal is to empower the equal distribution of wealth among all demographics and social classes. We strive to foster good connections and great experiences.

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How We Do It

E.S.E.C = Success

(E)mpowering our real estate associates with the knowledge, tools, resources, and guidance they need to fully succeed. 

(S)trengthening communities by creating opportunities, generating jobs, and creating a strong partner network to help support each other.  

(E)ducating people on the services we offer, and how to use them, whether it be selling commercial or residential properties, buying insurance, or finding the right title services, we are here to provide you with the proper services that make real estate transactions possible. 

(C)ompensation: Pied Piper Group offers unlimited opportunity for independent real estate contractors to come together and help each other grow.


you are in good hands




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Call Us Today ! (224) 203-2486



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Call Us Today ! (224) 203-2486