Pied Piper Group Rent to Own Program!

Not ready for a mortgage? With PPG, rent your dream home now and build towards ownership.

You are just a few steps away!

Lease-to-own, or rent-to-own, programs offer a pathway to homeownership while you rent. Let's delve into how it operates with Pied Piper Group.

Step 1

Apply for free in just 5 minutes

Getting prequalified won’t cost you a dime. It’s fast, commitment-free, and won’t affect your credit score

Step 2

Discover your Dream Home

Receive a home-buying budget and select from any qualifying property on the market. Collaborate with your preferred agent or find one through PPG.

Step 3

Let Pied Piper Group purchase your Dream Home for you

We handle all expenses including fees, closing costs, taxes, and insurance with cash. Your initial payment of 1% to 2% of the selling price directly contributes to your future down payment savings.

Step 4

Settle in with Savings on Board

Move in and transform it into your own space. Your monthly payment incorporates built-in savings, gradually accumulating into a down payment.

Step 5

Purchase your Home or Depart with Savings Intact

When the timing aligns, seize the opportunity to buy your home. Should plans shift, you have the option to vacate early (with a 60-day notice) while retaining your PPG savings (excluding a relisting fee).

Discover Pied Piper Group

Your rent to own solution

Discover your ideal home, move in immediately, and rent while building savings for your down payment. Within 3 years or less, you’ll be living in your home.

You Have Questions?

We Got you Covered!

How Pied Piper Group a better choice?

If traditional mortgages aren’t your fit right now, Pied Piper Group Rent To Own offers an alternative path to homeownership.

How does Pied Piper Group help with saving up for a down payment?

Absolutely. With Pied Piper Group, savings for your down payment are seamlessly integrated into your monthly payments. Over time, these contributions accumulate, enabling you to afford a 10% down payment on your home within just 3 years, or possibly even sooner.

What if your credit score isn't quite there yet?

No worries. PPG accepts a minimum FICO credit score of 550, making homeownership achievable even if you’ve encountered some setbacks. Once you’ve settled into your new home, we’ll connect you with a complimentary credit counselor who will assist you in preparing for your eventual mortgage.

What if you are self-employed or have a new job?

No problem. PPG Rent to own program considers your income from the last 3 months when determining your home-shopping budget. This approach makes Divvy an excellent choice for individuals who are self-employed or have recently transitioned into a new position.

How does PPG help me get a more competitive offer?

PPG empowers you with the strength of an all-cash offer, distinguishing you in today’s competitive market and increasing your chances of securing your dream home.

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