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The Ijara Model

At Pied Piper Group, we understand the importance of aligning financial decisions with your beliefs. Our Rent-to-Own Program is designed to bridge the gap between your homeowner dreams and your adherence to Islamic principles. Our program eliminates the burden of interest, providing a clear, conscientious path to homeownership. With us, you secure not just a house, but a home where peace of mind and financial integrity reside.

We Are A True Shariah Compliant Path to Homeownership

In the realm of homeownership opportunities, Pied Piper Group’s Rent-to-Own Program stands out for its steadfast adherence to Shariah compliance and ethical financing principles. When compared to the available Islamic Financing solutions currently on the market, our program offers several distinguishing benefits that align with the values and financial ethics of our Muslim community.

How It Works

Rent-to-Own Process


Economical Development Of Our Communities

Pied Piper Group’s Islamic Financing Rent-to-Own Program is uniquely positioned to serve the Muslim community by offering a homeowner pathway that is not only financially viable but also ethically and religiously fulfilling. This holistic approach supports not only individual homeownership aspirations but also community welfare and development, setting us apart from purely profit-oriented entities.


What is Islamic Financing

Islamic Financing is governed by a set of rules known as Fiqh al-muamalat, which strictly prohibit usury, speculative practices, and the borrowing of money at interest. These principles, particularly concerning riba-free financing, are founded on the Islamic belief that lending money should constitute a noble and charitable act. Thus, extending a loan to an individual is considered a means of helping someone less fortunate and who may be experiencing hardship. Since the loan is seen as a good deed, the lender should only expect the amount lent and not use this opportunity to generate a profit. Nevertheless, financial institutions are obligated to generate revenue to sustain their operations and continue facilitating significant financial transactions for individuals. Islamic Financing addresses this necessity by providing an ethical financing model that allows for profit generation while safeguarding individuals from exploitation.

Contrary to traditional financial models where the borrower secures funding from a bank and incurs interest, the ijara loan system establishes a lessor/lessee dynamic. This arrangement enables the client to make rental payments on the property, as opposed to repaying the money borrowed, thereby avoiding interest payments. The rental payments are made to the Trust, ensuring that the client is not subjected to interest charges. Furthermore, ijara loans are conceptualized as investments, with both parties sharing in the profits and losses, offering a culturally distinct and ethical alternative to conventional financing methods.

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We invite you to explore the opportunity to own homes that resonate with your beliefs. Our experts are ready to guide you every step of the way, providing a transparent, ethical, and interest-free pathway to homeownership.

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