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Welcome to Pied Piper Group, where we're revolutionizing the path to rent-to-own homes. Tired of waiting? With our Rent-to-Own program, you're not just leasing a property – you're investing in your future. Imagine moving into your dream home today, knowing that every payment brings you closer to owning it outright. Rent Your Home Today!
Pied Piper Group Rent to own program

Welcome to Pied Piper Groups Rent to Own Home Program

At Pied Piper Group, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to lease-to-own a house, regardless of the challenges they may face. Our Rent-to-Own Programa are designed to break down barriers and provide a pathway to homeownership near you for individuals who may not qualify for a traditional mortgage. Our goal is to empower aspiring home owners to achieve their dream of a rent to buy home. Unlike other rent to own companies, we’ve made it easy for individuals to find homes for rent to own near me.


We're democratizing the Rent-to-Own Housing Program, ensuring it's within reach for all. By conducting thorough research to find legitimate rent-to-own homes, and consulting real estate professionals for guidance on rent-to-buy solutions.


How It Works?

1 - LLC Formation

We assist you in creating an LLC, which will serve as the vehicle for purchasing your future home.

2 - Down Payment

You establish a bank account for the LLC and deposit your down payment.

3 - Pre-Approval

We issue you a Pre-Approval Letter, giving you the green light to start house shopping.

4 - Home Search

We help you search for your dream home and guide you through the process of finding the perfect property.